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For best results, please be as specific as possible with your feedback. Please also include the following information with your feedback...

* Feature Requests: Please provide as much detail as possible concerning the feature(s) you are requesting

* Technical Support Requests: If your issue DOES involve an iOS app, try here for assistance. Otherwise, if the issue does NOT involve an iOS app, please try the 'Help' option within the app before contacting us. Within the Help file, we may have covered your issue already (if so, this could potentially be much quicker & more convenient for you than waiting for a response from us). If your (non-iOS app) issue is not covered in Help, please include detailed information with your feedback concerning (1) the device used (e.g. manufacturer, model, screen size, keyboard type, etc.), (2) the operating system, (3) where/when the problem occurred, (4) details concerning the problem, (5) details concerning any fixes you may have tried, (6) details concerning when the problem was first noticed, and (7) steps to take to replicate the problem. [Note: Please do NOT include serial numbers, ID numbers, or any other information that should be kept private]

* Comments / Questions / Suggestions / Etc.: Please provide as much detail as possible

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