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Speedy Dial!

Speed Dial App For The iPhone

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Speedy Dial!


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Speedy Dial!

Speedy Dial!

Speed Dial App For The iPhone®

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"Your Convenient Speed Dial Alternative"

Available on the App Store (click to download)

"Overall, if you are looking for a speed dial app, you should really take this one into is packed with features, and is also very easy on the eye." ― The Smart Phone App Review  (emphasis added)

" of the best speed dial applications we've seen yet on the iPhone." ― The iPhone App Review

Speedy Dial!: Featured Product In iPhone Life Magazine (Featured Online In August, 2012)

Speedy Dial! is your convenient speed dial alternative. It features...

* Fast one touch dialing for up to 48 numbers

* Three 'easy-use' dialing screens with 16 colorful speed dials per screen

* Customizable buttons - view your custom names & phone numbers directly on buttons

* Changeable button colors - if desired, the button color of each speed dial may be changed individually (colors include: white, orange, green, blue, aqua, purple, pink, red, yellow, gray, and more...up to 30 color choices are presently available)

* Easy, convenient input of names and phone numbers - including option to quickly retrieve name & phone numbers from Contacts

* Fast setup - For data found in Contacts, it is possible to set up a speed dial in as little as 3-4 seconds!

* Option to be prompted before dialing - Helps prevent accidental dialing!

With Speedy Dial!, it's possible to...

* Avoid scrolling through favorites or contacts - put your most important 48 numbers in Speedy Dial! and dial them quickly and easily!

* Dial by name, relation, category, description, type, etc. (e.g. Bob Smith, sister, cleaners, work) - whichever way(s) you choose

* Conveniently assign color codes to different types of numbers (e.g. red for emergency)

* Fully control speed dial placement in convenient fixed locations - which also makes it easy to find & dial desired numbers (unlike favorites where there is limited placement control and where placement of any given number can change depending upon the number of favorites)

* Keep related numbers together on one screen - great for grouping work numbers or family numbers together

* Easily place numbers how you want them to appear on screen (even if you have only two numbers, you can put one at the bottom of the screen and one at the top...unlike favorites where you may have more limited placement control)

* Quickly dial your most frequently used/most important numbers

* Order speed dials any way you want

* Use custom text on buttons without affecting Contacts (for example, one can put "Hubby" on a speed dial button but leave "Peter Jones" in Contacts)

* Directly control text on buttons - unlike favorites which may not be directly editable without affecting Contacts

* Save time & increase efficiency since Speedy Dial! may fit more numbers per screen & thereby avoid scrolling (Contacts & Favorites can require scrolling and show only a few contacts at a time, whereas Speedy Dial! shows 16 numbers per screen with a maximum of 3 screens to view)

* Conveniently remain in the app after dialing (if using the 'prompt before dialing' option)

* Use emojis for enhanced appearance

* Quickly & easily change existing speed dials - change them as often as desired!

* See both names and numbers together on the same screen (unlike some lists of favorites or contacts)

* Display longer names/numbers than may be possible in some favorites or contacts lists (text size on buttons can shrink to accommodate long names & numbers)

* See more favorites on the screen without scrolling - Makes finding numbers quicker than scrolling through Contacts or Favorites

* Easily restore default button colors & text on an individual button basis

* See numbers before dialing them - unlike some contacts or favorites lists

* Conveniently set up speed dials for short term/temporary calling (entering a name isn't required - the app can dial with just a phone number, so you can avoid saving short term numbers in Contacts if you do not wish to do so)

Hassle free! Works on functioning/configured iPhones with currently active/available phone service. No special phone setup required! Uses system dialer so...

* No other setup is required to dial (other than adding speed dial numbers, of course)

* There is no need to maintain separate settings, folders, etc. (calls made via Speedy Dial! are logged as normal in your system along with all other calls)

"You'll Love Speedy Dial!"

Please tell your friends!

* * * * *

Concerned about privacy? Rest assured that neither your contact information (i.e. speed dial names, phone numbers) nor information about calls you make is sent to us.

* * * * *

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Device(s) Supported: iPhone [Note: May require iOS4.3+*] (* For iOS7/iOS8 info., click here)

Other Requirements: A properly functioning & configured device with active / available phone service is required to use this app. [Note: International / regional calls may require international/regional phone service]

Limitations & Notes: Click here

Suggested Retail: $1.99 U.S. (plus tax, if applicable)

User Reviews: Try Here

Online Feedback: Click Here

Terms of Use: Click Here

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All items herein subject to change at any time without notice. Actual product may differ from images appearing herein.

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Some Differences Between Versions

Sample Speed Dials (left)

(customized with emojis)

[In app, tap button to dial phone number (with or without a prompt), tap '+' to customize]

Sample Speed Dials (main)

(customized with emojis)

[In app, tap button to dial phone number (with or without a prompt), tap '+' to customize]

Speedy Dial! App (sample screen)

Speedy Dial! App (sample screen)

Sample Speed Dials (right)

(customized with emojis)

[In app, tap button to dial phone number (with or without a prompt), tap '+' to customize]

Sample Edit Screen

(Enter data directly in Name & Phone Number fields, or use 'Retrieve From Contacts' option to retrieve data from Contacts)

Speedy Dial! App (sample screen)

Speedy Dial! App (sample screen)

Sample Edit Screen

[Enter text (+ emoji if desired) in Name field & phone number in Phone field, press 'Save New Values' button to save]

Sample Edit Screen

(Change / restore button color)

Speedy Dial! App (sample screen)

Speedy Dial! App (sample screen)

Prompt Before Dialing

(Select 'Yes' to be prompted before dialing, or 'No' for no prompt before dialing)

Sample Prompt

(Sample prompt when using 'Prompt Before Dialing' option)

Speedy Dial! App (sample screen)

Speedy Dial! App (sample screen)

Retrieve From Contacts

(Rather than typing in names & numbers, try the 'Retrieve From Contacts' option to retrieve name & phone numbers from Contacts)

In App Help

Speedy Dial! App (sample screen)

Speedy Dial! App (sample screen)

"You'll Love Speedy Dial!"


Please be advised of the following concerning Speedy Dial!...

* Characters allowed in phone numbers are limited to the following: 0123456789()-,+. Spaces, letters, and other symbols (e.g. '*' & '#') are *NOT* allowed in phone numbers

* Phone numbers may be required to be at least 3 digits long in order to dial

* Names (and/or other information) displayed when dialing are based on what the system finds in Contacts (not what is entered in this app)

* Once a name and/or number retrieved from Contacts is assigned to a speed dial, it is static

* This app is not a substitute for built-in apps such as the Phone app and the Contacts app

* Calls are not received directly from within this app (calls are received as normal via the built-in Phone app)

* This app does not provide direct access to the Phone app other than through the speed dials themselves

* This app is *not* a means to view, delete, edit or enter data in the system's Contacts app

* The 'Retrieve From Contacts' option is limited to a maximum of five detected phone numbers per contact. Results from the 'Retrieve From Contacts' feature are not always as expected and they are highly dependent upon how data has been input by the user. The 'Retrieve From Contacts' option looks at certain fields to find data. If data appears in other places, results may not be as expected. Note that it is not always possible to recognize certain data, and some data may not be recognized properly. Phone numbers retrieved using the 'Retrieve From Contacts' option do not include associated labels (e.g. home, work, etc.)

* The optional auto-formatting option requires 10 digit phone numbers (limited to the numerals 0-9 only). Its use may be limited to those in the U.S.A. [Reminder: Formatting phone numbers is entirely optional and is done for appearance only]

* The data entry keypad for phone numbers is limited to numbers only. To include allowed characters such as '(', ')', ',', and '-', it is necessary to (1) copy/paste, or (2) use the 'Retrieve From Contacts' option, or (3) use the 'Format Phone #' button (where applicable)

* For more limitations & notes, click here

Note that we urge those with special dialing needs which are not supported in this app [e.g. phone numbers containing letters or symbols such as * or #, short phone numbers (i.e. 1-2 digit phone numbers), etc.] NOT to purchase this app unless they are able to work around the issue (e.g. dial the unsupported numbers outside this app). We also recommend that users spend a moment thinking about how they would ultimately like Speedy Dial! buttons to look before creating speed dials (as this may save time in the long run). Note that the appearance of Speedy Dial! may vary greatly among users depending on how data is input (the general rule of thumb is to keep text shorter for it to appear larger).


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