Policy Changes (7/05, updated 11/18)

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B.F.S. Policy Changes - 7/05 (updated 11/18)

Thank you for your support of To increase overall efficiency and better serve our customers, we have adopted the following changes to our policies.

Affiliations - Expanded categorizations to allow affiliated sites additional flexibility in policies. 

E-Mail Efficiency - All e-mail is subject to redirection. Please correspond only to authorized e-mail addresses and format all e-mail as directed. Items sent to improper e-mail addresses and improperly formatted e-mail may be automatically discarded. Note also that e-mail containing certain keywords may be subject to auto-rejection.

E-Mail Response - E-mail unrelated (or that deemed insufficiently related) to our business and otherwise questionable e-mail may be automatically discarded. Target e-mail response time may occasionally be up to 10-15 or more business days. Certain e-mail items may be deemed Response Not Required (RNR). Reminder: All correspondence may be filtered based on keyword(s), sender, IP#/block, etc. It may be handled electronically and never seen by any human. We do not promise a response to any correspondence whatsoever, regardless of the urgency of the matter. 

Free Shipping Policy - "Free shipping" on some or all items may be discontinued.

Newsletter - The B.F.S. newsletter is indefinitely suspended.

We trust that these changes will increase our efficiency and help us to better serve our customers. 

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