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NOTICE: Our shopping cart / payment processing has changed. We have included updated information regarding this change with various answers below.

Q.  How can I reach you?

A.  Click here for contact information

Q.  How can I join your mailing list?

A.  Click here to complete online form, if available.

Q.  What shipping options do you offer?

A.  Merchandise may be shipped via first class or priority mail. The choice of shipment methods is it our option. Note: Click here for more shipping information.

Q.  Do you really offer free shipping?

A.  If "free shipping" is offered, the stated price of the product includes all shipping and handling charges - there are no additional charges for shipping and handling on these items. If these "free shipping" items are returned, however, a shipping/handling charge will be deducted from the refund amount.

Q.  What are your standard shipping rates?

A.  Click here for shipping rate information

Q.  If I purchase two of a particular product, how can I have just one of the items gift wrapped?

A.  To add attributes on just one product, select each item individually. For example, select the first item and choose the gift wrapping option. Then, select the product again and don't add gift wrapping. Be sure to check your order for accuracy before completing checkout.

Q.  How can I receive a price break when purchasing more than one of the same item?

A.  When available, you may purchase additional items at a discount. To qualify to purchase "additional items", you must purchase the same product at full price at the same time you purchase additional items. All items must be purchased together at the same time, on the same order, and all items must be shipped together. You may not purchase an "additional item" by itself. If discounted additional items are offered, they will appear together during checkout with a notation such as "add'l item".  

Q.  How can I order products offline?

A.  Since we are set up to process orders most efficiently and cost effectively online, we recommend that all orders be initiated online. Prices quoted on our sites are for online purchase only. If you wish to purchase offline, you may contact us. Please the indicate product(s) you are interested in as well as indicating your preferred payment method (i.e. money order, check). Please note that there may be an additional charge for offline purchases.

Q.  What is your returns policy?

A.  Click here to view returns information

Q.  How can I tell if a site is a affiliate?

A.  If a site is authorized as a bfsnet affiliated site, it will, at minimum, bear a affiliate logo. If you have any questions regarding the authenticity of a logo that appears on a site, please contact us and indicate the full web site address in question. Note: We are not responsible for any websites / webpages which bear the bfsnet logo without our permission.

Q.  Why does the screen look differently when I am making a purchase?

A.  When you purchase a product, you enter our shopping cart which differs in appearance from the site and the affiliated sites. Our shopping cart is maintained by B.F.S. despite a change in appearance. If you have any questions regarding the purchasing process, try below or contact us.

Q.  What is the difference between purchasing from a affiliated site and

A.  When you purchase from an authorized affiliated site, you are actually purchasing through B.F.S. Your credit card statement should list "B.F.S." as the merchant name.  

Q.  Are there any hidden charges or fees on purchases?

A.  No. The price we indicate is the total price you pay (except sales tax and shipping/handling charges are added where applicable). Other charges (e.g. in-plant rush fees, gift wrapping charges) are optional.

Q.  Where does the total amount of my purchase appear?

A.  When you are making a purchase, the total amount of your order - including tax - should appear on the final screen before you input your credit card data.

Q.  Do I need to create an account to order?

A.  No. You do not need to create an account to order. 

Q.  What information is retained when I create an account?

A.  An account stores information such as name, address, and e-mail. A password is also required. Credit card information is not requested for an account. [Update: This refers to our old shopping cart. If processing via PayPal, contact PayPal for information on retained information.]

Q.  What do you do with the information if I create an account?

A.  Account information may be retained online for your convenience. We do not sell this information to third parties. Note that we may occasionally purge accounts. Click here to view privacy / security statement [Update: This refers to our old shopping cart. For PayPal, we do not offer the ability to create an account with us. Contact PayPal for their policies regarding information collection / retention / etc.]

Q.  How do I create an account?

A.  When you are in the shopping cart, you can select "Account" or when you are checking out you will be asked if you would like to create an account. If so, simply key in the required information. [Update: This refers to our old shopping cart. If processing via PayPal, we do not offer the ability to create an account on our site. Contact PayPal for information on creating an account with them.]

Q.  How do I get to the shopping cart?

A.  In various areas of our sites, links are provided to the shopping cart. Each specific link may take you to the most convenient place in the shopping cart for your desired product. The links may labeled with terms such as "buy now" or "order now". Once you click on them, you will be taken to the shopping cart. For our general shopping cart storefront, try here.

Q.  Do you ship outside the U.S.?

A.  Sorry, our shipments are limited to the United States.

Q.  How can I ship to two different addresses?

A.  To ship to more than one location, create separate orders for each ship to address. To save typing, you may create an account (see questions above for additional assistance with accounts). Note that shipping charges will apply to each order.

Q.  The shopping cart has a "bill to" section. Will I be receiving a bill?

A.  No. On credit card orders, the bill to information is for reference purposes. Your "bill" will appear on screen and is called a "site invoice". [Update: This refers to our old shopping cart. If processing via PayPal, contact them for information regarding billing / invoices.]

Q.  What confirmation will I receive for my order?

A.  After placing an order, you should automatically receive an e-mail confirming your order.

Q.  Does the e-mail receipt mean my credit card was charged? 

A.  No. An e-mail "receipt" is a receipt confirming your order and indicates that we received an authorization to charge your credit card. We do not actually charge your credit card until we process your order for shipment. [Update: This refers to our old shopping cart. If processing via PayPal, charges may be made immediately or shortly thereafter.]

Q.  Are there times when my credit card will not be charged?

A.  Due to fraud prevention and other considerations, an order may not be processed despite receiving an authorization (or a refund may be issued). Note that all orders are subject to approval and that our decisions are final and binding, with no right of appeal and no recourse. We are not obligated to approve / ship any order, even if e-mail receipt / invoice / etc. had been issued.

Q.  When, exactly, is my credit card charged?

A.  Your credit card is authorized, but not charged, when you place an order. Your credit card is charged when we process your order for shipment. [Update: This refers to our old shopping cart. If processing via PayPal, charges may be made immediately or shortly thereafter.]

Q.  Why does my invoice say " site invoice" when I purchased from an affiliated site?

A.  When you purchase from an authorized affiliated site, you are actually purchasing through B.F.S. Your credit card statement may list "B.F.S." as the merchant name. [Update: This refers to our old shopping cart, although the answer remains valid. However, with our new cart, the term " site invoice" may not be used.]

Q.  What payment methods do you accept?

A.  Click here for currently accepted payment methods.

Q.  Do I need a credit card to order?

A.  Click here for currently accepted payment methods. Note that we may also be able to make special arrangements to accept checks or money orders offline. However, pricing may differ. Refer to above question "How can I order products offline?" for additional information.

Q.  How secure is your credit card payment processing?

A. and affiliated sites may currently process credit card orders through PayPal. Contact PayPal for payment security information. Click here to view our security / privacy statement

Q.  Does my information remain private?

A.  Click here to view our privacy / security statement

Q.  What are the steps required to purchase?

A.  To purchase, simply click on any of the various "buy" links and follow the instructions. This will take you to our shopping cart (see above questions). Once there, you will be asked whether to add one to the basket or to buy one now. Simply click on the applicable button. You may then be presented with "attributes" such as gift wrapping and in-plant rush. After selecting the attributes (as applicable), you may proceed to checkout. Once at checkout, you will be asked whether you have an account or if you'd like to proceed without one or create one. Select the applicable option and input addresses and other required data. Next, you will be asked to select the desired shipping method (select "N/A" if no items are to be shipped - e.g. for services) and credit card type. Finally, you will be asked to input your credit card information. After supplying this information, select continue to authorize the charge. If successful, an invoice should appear on screen for your records. Note that other options are available in the shopping cart, such as browsing other offerings and product searches. To use these options, simply follow the instructions. [Update: This refers to our old shopping cart. Some items may differ with our new cart, particularly shipping options & attributes. Also, creating an account is no longer available on our site and shopping cart options may have changed. For current information & options, refer to our cart. For payment information, contact PayPal.]

Q.  How can I change or cancel my order?

A.  Once authorized, we may not be able to change or cancel your order. For information on returns, see our returns policy.  

Q.  Do I need an authorization to return my purchase?

A.  If returns are allowed, no authorization is necessary. Click here to view our refund / returns policy


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