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Payment Information / Payment Methods

Payment Methods May Include the Following: .

Papal (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover)

Note: When advance arrangements are made, business services may be paid for via check (if applicable).

Deposits for Business Services: Business services may require prepayment or an advance deposit (both are non-refundable).

U.S. currency only. 

Product Availability

Merchandise may be in stock unless otherwise indicated (excluding personalized items, fundraiser items, and items listed on 'powered by' sites). +

In the event that sales exceed our inventory, we will notify you as soon as possible.

Note: Services are subject to schedule availability.

+ We do not, however, guarantee availability of any item. Quantities may be limited. We reserve the right to substitute similar items.

Gift Wrap

Is your purchase a gift?  

Gift wrap for products may be available for $5.25 per item. We choose paper. Generic wrap. Non-refundable. U.S. $ only. May not be available for all items.

Shipping Information

TruckOur goal is to ship merchandise within 5 business days of receipt of your order (two weeks for personalized items & fundraiser items). Note that applicable items may be shipped via first class or priority mail. U.S. delivery only.

Standard shipping rates for software (per order):*

$5.95 first item

$2.00 each additional item


* Subject to change without notice

Shipping/handling charges for non-software products, as applicable, may vary by item, weight, quantities, location, and other factors, or they may be assessed at a flat rate. For specific shipping/handling charges refer to the applicable web site(s) listing the item(s) you are interested in or to the stated amounts. Or, if applicable, actual shipping/handling charges may be determined during the checkout process (e.g. before an order is finalized). Note that the price of some items may include shipping & handling ("free shipping" offers). [FAQ]

Notice: Shipping information above may not apply to 'powered by' sites. For 'powered by' sites, see shipping/handling charges, shipping methods, shipping/delivery times, availability, etc. listed on the applicable site.

Note: All shipping/handling charges are non-refundable and are subject to change without notice.

Returns / Refund Policy

Where allowed, unopened merchandise in original condition may be returned freight prepaid within 15 days of purchase for a refund. Refund based on total amount paid less shipping/handling fee and restocking charge. Merchandise must be unopened and in its entirety at time of our receipt. Your return must be accompanied by the original packing slip. No refunds on some items (e.g. 'all sales final' items). Send returns to: Attn: Returns, B.F.S., P.O. Box 4292, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91729-4292. For additional returns information in .txt format, click here. We will not be responsible for lost or misdirected mail. Refund may be by credit or check at our option. No refunds on services, gift wrap, rush charges, shipping/handling, or on merchandise shipped electronically or on personalized items, fundraiser items or items indicated as not-returnable (e.g. "all sales final" items).

Sales Tax

7.75% sales tax is added to all orders shipped to California.*                                                        [effective date: 1/1/17]

* NOTICE: Sales tax rate indicated above may not be current, may vary, and is subject to change without notice. For actual tax rate charged, refer to applicable stage in checkout process.

Where applicable, sales & other taxes may be added to orders shipped to/from to other locations.

Tax is calculated based on order total, including rush charges, shipping/handling charges (as applicable), gift wrapping charges, etc. Sales & other taxes are subject to change at any time without notice.

In-Plant Rush 

In a hurry? Additional $5-$10 charge per item (or group) for in-plant rush (when available). Non-refundable. U.S. $ only. Note: 'In plant rush' option may not be available on personalized items.

Note that we generally attempt to ship 'rush' merchandise within 2-3 business days of receipt of your order (excluding personalized items, fundraising items, and items on 'powered by' sites). See shipping information above.

Payment Gateway / Security/Privacy Statement (Privacy Policy


We currently process payments through PayPal.   

Papal (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover)

Third party assurance seal for our SSL pages may appear below (hover over image to verify, if applicable):

SSL Certificate Authority
SSL Certificate Authority

Above image / service provided by a third party. We are not responsible for third party content / functionality / claims / etc. Note: Above seal is for our SSL pages only (where SSL is used). For PayPal security assurance, refer to PayPal.


Notice: This Privacy Policy also applies to all affiliated sites which do not have their own distinct privacy policy (including, but not limited to Affiliated site privacy policies which differ from this policy override this policy wherever applicable.


Information supplied / collected may vary depending upon your use of this site [e.g. whether you complete any forms, whether you make a purchase, etc.]. Note that, depending upon your use of this site, we may collect a variety of personally identifying information. Any information collected (outside of our shopping cart) may be publicly viewed. Information collected may include (but is not limited to) items below (and may include any combination of the following).

-> Note: The following is not comprehensive. Items below may be singular or plural, as applicable, regardless of how they may appear below. Also note that the providing of information may be optional unless required (note that information collected automatically - e.g. web statistics, etc., is considered "required"). If you do not want to provide required information, you should not use any form / area / section / site / page / method of correspondence / etc. that requires such information. Also note that information supplied to any related site may be shared among all other related site(s) [note that all related sites may share the same resources]. As applicable, also refer to affiliated site(s) privacy policies for more information.

-> Note that items herein apply to us only - and not to any third party items (including 'Tell a Friend', other users of this site, etc.)

->Categories below are for convenience only and may overlap.

Personally Identifying Information That May Be Collected...

Address (including street name, city, state, country, zip, etc.)

Affiliation With Company / Website

Browser Information

Certification Statements


Company Name

Connection Information

Contact Availability (e.g. best time to contact you)

Contact Information (e.g. contact details, contact person information, etc.)

Dates / Times

E-Mail Address(es)

Fax Number

Friend Name / E-Mail (e.g. for 'Tell a Friend')

IP Number(s)

Logs (sales, shipping, correspondence/communication, requests, interest, IP, banned users, problems, use, user, raw access logs, etc.)

Name / First Name / Last Name / Full Name

Order Number / Invoice Number / Etc.

Phone Number

Relationship Information (e.g. to business / individual / submitter / etc.)

Sales/Discount Offer Code & Information / Unlock Code / Coupon Code / Offer Code / Id Numbers We Provide / Etc.

Site Identification Numbers (e.g. for reporting problems, for purchases, etc.)

System Information

Terms Agreement Information

Time Zone Information

Title / Occupation Information

Type of User (e.g. individual, employee, etc.)

Web Address & Information (including content information / website operator / etc.)

Also We May Collect Information Such As...


Complaint Information


Correction / Update Information

Error Reports




Fraud / Abuse Reports


Information Collected By Host / Payment Processing Provider(s) / Third Party Provider(s) / Etc.

Information Regarding Use of Affiliated Site(s)

Information Regarding Use of This Site [including paths, pages accessed, time spent, source, web statistics, use of site / section(s) / page(s) / etc., activities, referring sites/URLs, etc.]

Information Regarding Users' Interests / Preferences

Information Regarding Users' Utilization of Certain Features / Sections / Etc. [e.g. e-letter, section(s), etc.]

Marketing Information (e.g. referrals / where users come from)




Problem Reports / Information



Search Query/Results Info.



Technical Matters / Technical Problem Information


Depending Upon the Section / Site / Page / Etc., We May Collect Information On...

* Survey Questions / Responses

* Written Works Information / Quotations

* Scheduling Information (e.g. for Business Services)

* Personalization Information (if applicable)

* Any Other Information You Supply...

We May Also Collect Reponses to Questions Such As...

How did you hear about this site?

How long have you been visiting this site?

How much time do you spend on the computer?

How often do you visit this site?

When did you first go online?

Is this your first visit to this site?


Commercial Items Collected May Include...

'Bill to' Address / 'Ship to' Address

Business Address / Location

Business/Company Information

Business Contact Information

Business E-Mail

Business Fax

Business Name

Business Phone

Business Website Information

Contact Person / Title

Credit Card Information (e.g. for purchases) [including cardholder name, type of credit card, credit card number, expiration date, ID numbers/codes] [Note: This refers to our old shopping cart. If processing via PayPal, contact PayPal for information on collected data.]

Offer Information (including offer number / offer source / etc.)

Offline Payment Information (e. check/money order information)

Order Number(s)

Ownership Information

Payment Information (including amount, payment method, date paid, whether paid online/offline, etc.)

Product / Service Information / Options / Preferences

Purchase History Information

Shipping Information / Methods / Preferences / Etc.

Terms Agreement Information

Also: We May Collect Any Other Information For...

* Maintaining this site

* Improving this site

* Corresponding with users of this site

* Site administration

* Researching ad effectiveness

* Problem resolution / prevention 


Note: B.F.S. and the website and related websites share resources and are not considered third parties.

We may share any information collected with any party (excepting information provided through our shopping cart which should not intentionally be shared with any third party except as necessary for processing transactions). As indicated above, any information collected (outside of our shopping cart) may be publicly viewed. If you do not want to provide required information, you should not use any form / area / section / site / page / method of correspondence / etc. that requires such information. You may not 'opt out' of sharing information. Rather, if you do not want to provide required information, you should not use any form / area / section / site / page / method of correspondence / etc. that requires such information.


You may not review / update any personally identifying information once it has been submitted. However, if you make an online purchase and create an account, you may be able to review / change information in your account. If so, you will need to log in to your account (e.g. on the PayPal website, following the applicable instructions)].


Changes to our privacy policy may be made at any time without prior notice. To be notified of any changes, you must visit this site and view the current privacy policy. Note that we may - but are not required to - notify users of changes to our privacy policy on the Home Page of (click here).


This privacy policy has an effective date of 7/6/18.

Other Information & Policies (Terms)Pushpin

Legal Information:

Prices, availability, and terms of all products and services subject to change without notice. Items may vary from images / descriptions. We reserve the right to substitute similar items. Quantities may be limited. We do not guarantee the availability of any item. All prices indicated are in U.S. dollars. Tax and other charges may be added, as applicable. Checks/money orders, when allowed, must be pre-printed with applicable information (e.g. name, address, phone number), drawn on U.S. banks/financial institutions, and issued for exact amount due. No third party checks. No post-dated checks. We may wait for checks / money orders / other authorized transactions to clear before proceeding with transaction. No payments from or shipments to minors. Sales / shipments may be limited to the U.S.A. We are not responsible for any loss or damage which may occur in transit. If there is a problem with loss or damage, your only recourse is to the postal service. We make no guarantees regarding any features / functionality / benefits / etc. of any item(s) on any of our site(s). Use of all products / services / etc. at your own risk. All correspondence may be filtered based on keyword(s), sender, IP#/block, etc. It may be handled electronically and never seen by any human. We do not promise a response to any correspondence whatsoever, regardless of the urgency of the matter. This site may use 'cookies'. By using this site you agree to their use. Our total liability for all purchases and services is limited to the amount originally to us paid for such purchases and/or services. You agree to jurisdiction in the county of San Bernardino, California, U.S.A. to settle any disputes with us and you also agree to arbitration to settle disputes at our sole option.

In addition to the above, see the following pages for additional terms:


Additional Terms Information in .txt Format 

Social Media

7/05 Policy Changes (updated 11/18)

Notice: Where applicable, affiliated sites (including "powered by" sites) may have their own terms regarding refunds / shipping / policies / etc. In addition to the terms referred to above, the terms for each site may govern various activities / purchases / etc. for that site. Refer to individual affiliated site(s) for terms regarding specific product(s) / service(s) / etc. Note that all applicable FAQs / notices / site terms / etc. of all applicable sites, as applicable, are incorporated as part of our terms.

Important Notice: By using this site or by purchasing or communicating with us, you indicate your understanding and agreement to all terms, including terms linked to above.

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