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As applicable, we may make some (possibly limited) use of social media, however, please contact us using the email addresses provided on our site (see here), *NOT* via social media. We may not receive and/or respond to items associated with third party platforms/social media. Note that all correspondence is subject to our terms.

Please note that we do NOT recommend or endorse ANY third party content / meme / thread / topic / follower / post / poster / organization / group / company / author / individual / project / political view / opinion / candidate / report / poll / information / social media site / feature / campaign / message / communication / subject / image / event / product / service / etc. WHATSOEVER, even if we mention / reference / quote from / copy / link to / correspond with / utilize / follow / join / 'upvote/like' / post / repost / etc.

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As our accounts may be subject to change, for current information it may be useful to try searching for "bfsnet", "", or other applicable words/phrases. Advisory: Appropriately & carefully verify that social media accounts purporting to be ours are, in fact, actually ours. Note that we may *NOT* have social media accounts on all major sites.

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