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Important Notice: We make no guarantee regarding any item herein. Errata items indicated herein may (or may not) appear in various edition(s) of the indicated publication(s). Some items may be excluded. Items herein are not comprehensive and are subject to change at any time without notice. Items below may be in any order. Locations in publications (which are not provided herein) may vary.

Last Update: 10/18/17

Publication: "What's Up With Faustina's Divine Mercy Devotion? Unanswered Questions & Things You May Not Know"

Possible Errata Items...

"1917 and later , vs. 1930's" (extra space)

"other pope that the (also Polish) Pope John Paul II" (s/b "than the")

"-call to trust in mercy as apparent substitute for repentance" (missing space)

"sisters. judgment" (s/b "sisters' judgment")

"those who do not adore God's in mercy" (extraneous "in")

"Her diary also seems question the need for" (missing "to")

"It is to be a reminded of the" (s/b "reminder")

"Sirach 7:8:" (extraneous colon)

"guard the gate" (missing bold on 'e')

"We see in Scripture, that Jesus" (extraneous comma)

"but in this happens to be" (extraneous "in")

"failing to 'trust in God's mercy - it could be" (missing ')


Publication: "Summary of Changes Since Vatican II: A Revolution in the Church?" Plus Companion Article: "Vatican II and its Fruits"

Possible Errata Items...

"and Bacci) Such" (missing period)

"of Antioch)." (extraneous period)

"by Amerio 'The weakening of" (missing comma)

"and to that" (extraneous "to")

"even though 1-The" (missing colon)

Crucifix in Church (link not italic)

"persons (1) the" (missing colon)

"have a some idea" (extraneous "a")

"The 'Catholic '" (extraneous space)

"What does that that fact" (extraneous "that")

"[Note: For more on the differences" (bracket s/b italics)

"call themselves 'Christian' were" (missing comma)

"available in your parish" (s/b "at your")

"Respect For the Holy Eucharist" (capitalization of "for")

"As St. Paul Says" (capitalization of "Says")

"Rather than seriousness of sin and judgment" (s/b "Rather than hear about the seriousness of sin and judgment")

Missing "First Edition" notation (paperback version)

"It should be noted that the above is only a partial list of changes..." (excess use of word 'changes')

"Whatever new truths the sincere human mind is able to bind" (s/b "Whatever new truth the sincere human mind is able to find")

"Communion in the Hand, Protestant terminology" (capitalization of "Hand")

"e.g. Communion in the Hand" (capitalization of "Hand")

"profound changes made to liturgy" (missing "the")

"altar cloths may now seen" (missing "be")


Publication: "The Traditional Latin ('Tridentine') Mass vs. the New (Novus Ordo) Mass" Plus Companion Article: "'Tridentine' Vs. Novus Ordo: Some Pictorial Comparisons"

Possible Errata Items...

"May be a 'Penitential Rite" such as:" (s/b ' instead of ") [Kindle version]

"tends to be elongated by choir" (missing "the") [Kindle version]

Missing "(English Translation)" notation: Prayer As Priest Ascends the Altar, Reference to Relics in Altar, Invocation of the Saints Shortly Before the Consecration [Kindle version]

"using this site" (s/b "material") [Kindle version]

"into the Vernacular" (capitalization of "vernacular")

"important thing we do, should not be treated" (missing "it")

"'For I received from the Lord" (extraneous ')

"offers a the faithful" (extraneous "a")

"and what sees occurring" (s/b "and what is seen occurring")

"which developed under the guidance of the Holy Spirit'" (missing ')

"plain from everyone to see" (s/b "for everyone")

"'Reformers'' Communion Service" (extraneous ')

"the 'Reformers'' services" (extraneous ')

"after Mass as well during Mass" (missing "as")


Publication: "Catholic Bible Facts [Includes: Bible Q & A; Books of the Bible (Info./Lists); The Psalms (Lists); The Beatitudes; Jesus' Parables; Jesus' Emphasized Statements]"

Possible Errata Items...

"in the fifteen century" (s/b "fifteenth")


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