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Important Notice: We make no guarantee regarding any item herein. Errata items (& corrections) indicated herein may (or may not) appear in various edition(s) of the indicated publication(s). Some items may be excluded. Items herein are not comprehensive and are subject to change at any time without notice. Items below may be in any order. Locations in publications (which are not provided herein) may vary.

Last Update: 4/12/19

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Publication: "What's Up With Faustina's Divine Mercy Devotion? Unanswered Questions & Things You May Not Know" [DM]

Possible Errata Items...

"1917 and later , vs. 1930's" (extra space)

"other pope that the (also Polish) Pope John Paul II" (s/b "than the")

"-call to trust in mercy as apparent substitute for repentance" (missing space)

"sisters. judgment" (s/b "sisters' judgment")

"those who do not adore God's in mercy" (extraneous "in")

"Her diary also seems question the need for" (missing "to")

"It is to be a reminded of the" (s/b "reminder")

"Sirach 7:8:" (extraneous colon)

"guard the gate" (missing bold on 'e')

"We see in Scripture, that Jesus" (extraneous comma)

"but in this happens to be" (extraneous "in")

"failing to 'trust in God's mercy - it could be" (missing ')

"the (original, real) Apostles.")." (extraneous ').')


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Publication: "Summary of Changes Since Vatican II: A Revolution in the Church?" Plus Companion Article: "Vatican II and its Fruits" [V2]

Possible Errata Items...

"and Bacci) Such" (missing period)*

"of Antioch)." (extraneous period)*

"by Amerio 'The weakening of" (missing comma)*

"and to that" (extraneous "to")*

"even though 1-The" (missing colon)*

Crucifix in Church (link not italic)*

"persons (1) the" (missing colon)*

"have a some idea" (extraneous "a")*

"The 'Catholic '" (extraneous space)*

"What does that that fact" (extraneous "that")*

"[Note: For more on the differences" (bracket s/b italics)*

"call themselves 'Christian' were" (missing comma)*

"available in your parish" (s/b "at your")*

"Respect For the Holy Eucharist" (capitalization of "for")*

"As St. Paul Says" (capitalization of "Says")*

"Rather than seriousness of sin and judgment" (s/b "Rather than hearing about the seriousness of sin and judgment")*

Missing "First Edition" notation (paperback version)*

"It should be noted that the above is only a partial list of changes..." (excess use of word 'changes')

"Whatever new truths the sincere human mind is able to bind" (s/b "Whatever new truth the sincere human mind is able to find")*

"Communion in the Hand, Protestant terminology" (capitalization of "Hand")*

"e.g. Communion in the Hand" (capitalization of "Hand")*

"profound changes made to liturgy" (missing "the")*

"altar cloths may now seen" (missing "be")*

"actually blessing" (s/b "actual blessing")*

"using the world" (s/b "using the word")*

"catachresis" (s/b "catechesis")*

"it this proportion" (s/b "in this proportion")*

"sense of the world" (s/b "sense of the word") [same error appears two times]*

"'lay ministers" (missing ')*

"on thing" (s/b "one thing")*

"be means" (s/b "by means")*

"the concepts of sacredness and nobility, seem" (extraneous comma)


Note: Items noted with '*' above have been resolved in both Kindle & paperback versions (as applicable) [1/19]


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Publication: "The Traditional Latin ('Tridentine') Mass vs. the New (Novus Ordo) Mass" Plus Companion Article: "'Tridentine' Vs. Novus Ordo: Some Pictorial Comparisons" [TLM]

Possible Errata Items...

"May be a 'Penitential Rite" such as:" (s/b ' instead of ") [Kindle version]

"tends to be elongated by choir" (missing "the") [Kindle version]

Missing "(English Translation)" notation: Prayer As Priest Ascends the Altar, Reference to Relics in Altar, Invocation of the Saints Shortly Before the Consecration [Kindle version]

"using this site" (s/b "material") [Kindle version]

"into the Vernacular" (capitalization of "vernacular")

"important thing we do, should not be treated" (missing "it")

"'For I received from the Lord" (extraneous ')

"offers a the faithful" (extraneous "a")

"and what sees occurring" (s/b "and what is seen occurring")

"which developed under the guidance of the Holy Spirit'" (missing ')

"plain from everyone to see" (s/b "for everyone")

"'Reformers'' Communion Service" (extraneous ')

"the 'Reformers'' services" (extraneous ')

"after Mass as well during Mass" (missing "as")

"of the willfulness" (s/b "or the willfulness")

"set form" (s/b "set forth")


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Publication: "Catholic Bible Facts [Includes: Bible Q & A; Books of the Bible (Info./Lists); The Psalms (Lists); The Beatitudes; Jesus' Parables; Jesus' Emphasized Statements]" [CBF]

Possible Errata Items...

"in the fifteen century" (s/b "fifteenth")


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Publication: "Catholic Annual Prayer Book [Includes: 365+ Prayers (Jan. 1 - Dec. 31), Holiday/Seasonal Prayers, Daily Prayers, Basic Prayers, Rosary Prayers, Fatima Prayers, Aspirations, Prayers in Latin, Prayer Tips & Insights, 500+ Topics for Meditation]" [CAPB]

Possible Errata Items...

"This publication does contain information or prayers for every feast / holiday / season, and prayers for most secular holidays are omitted." (missing "not" -- Terms should read: "This publication does not contain information or prayers for every...")* [Kindle version]

"Do not expect this book include" (missing "to")*#

"the feast of the Feast of the Kingship of Our Lord Jesus Christ" (extraneous "the Feast of")*#

"See Part 7 For Aspirations Prayers" (extraneous "Prayers")*#

"Holy Spirit (or Holy Spirit)" [s/b "Holy Spirit (or Holy Ghost)"]*#

"he who does not pray will be damned! " (St. Alphonsus" (extraneous space)*#

"St. Francis De Sales" (capitalization of "de")*#

"put pour all out" (s/b "but pour all out")*#

"in an interior life" (s/b "in the interior life")*#

"no regarded man" (s/b "nor regarded man")*#

"is mot intimately connected" (s/b "is most intimately connected")*#

"our heart and to be purified" (extraneous "and")*#

"' What can I do" (extraneous space)*#

"mot holy" (s/b "most holy")*#

"The contemplation of these august and sweet." (duplicate quote from Pope Leo XIII)*#

"either because of or negligence and indifference with almost show" (s/b "either because by our negligence and indifference we almost show")*#

"One should free to" (missing "feel")*#

"Alphabetical lists of prayers be based" (missing "may") [Paperback version]#

"actually blessing" (s/b "actual blessing")*#

"once Baptism" (s/b "one Baptism")*#

"form evil" (s/b "from evil")*#

"St. Jacinta Marto)" [extraneous ")"]*#

"prayer is if without arms...and paces the emblem" (s/b "prayer as if without arms...and places the emblem")*#

"didst become 'the most abject of men, a man of sorrows" (should contain single quote (') before 'the' and after 'sorrows')#

"fixed dates are not specifically listed" (s/b "fixed feasts are not specifically listed")#

"Thou wiliest" (s/b "Thou willest")#

"Patrem immensre majestatis" ('immensre' s/b 'immensae')#

"an should he have" ('an' s/b 'and')#

"version of the 'The Traditional..." (extraneous 'the')#

"and is and not illustrated" (extraneous 'and')

"I knew well it was not so much" ('knew' s/b 'know')

"because none but myself and God" ('myself' s/b 'thyself')


Errata Items From Source Materials...

"I Jove Thee" (s/b "I love Thee")*# [Note: Although 'Jove' appears in original source materials, the correct word should be 'love'.]

"I commend to Thee all poor Sinners"*# (capitalization of "sinners") [Note: Although 'Sinners' is capitalized in original source materials, it seems more correct that the word not be capitalized in this context.]

"much more wild" (s/b "much more will")*# [Note: Although 'wild' appears on the Vatican website, the correct word is 'will'.]


Note: Items noted with '*' above have been resolved in the Kindle version.

Note: Items noted with '#' above have been resolved in paperback version. [1/19]


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Publication: "The iStations Book - Stations of the Cross (Two Traditional Way of the Cross Methods for Catholics Based on Our 'Best Selling' App)" [ISTB]

Possible Errata Items...



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Publication: "Traditional Saint Names For Catholics - Great Christian Names for Babies, Baptism & Confirmation From the Pre-1970 Roman Martyrology, Plus Two Bonuses: 1,000+ Patron Saints & Liturgical Feasts (Jan.-Dec.) - Based on Our Saints4U App" [TSNC]

Possible Errata Items...

"At this time of this writing" (should be "At the time of this writing") [2 instances]

"may deemed" (missing 'be') [2 instances]

"Saturian (F) - October 16" (s/b "(M)") [all instances]

"Simplicius (F) - July 29" (s/b "(M)") [all instances]

"Gracilian (F) - August 12" (s/b "(M)") [all instances]

"Protolicus (F) - February 14" (s/b "(U)") [all instances]

"Where applicable, try A-Z or Jan.-Dec. links to view listings starting with the selected letter or month." (should be omitted in paperback version) [Paperback version]

"If there are no listings for a letter, the initial linking letter may be italicized..." (should be omitted in paperback version) [Paperback version]


Notes From Source Materials...

Jude & Thaddaeus (10/28) appear as separate listings in source materials (and therefore also in our publication), however both refer to the same individual.


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Publication: "700+ Consoling Thoughts From Holy Scripture: Biblical Consolation, Comforting Words, Positive Thoughts & Encouragement for Catholics in Times of Sadness, Sorrow, Grief, Illness, Trial, Persecution, or Any Time" [CTFS]

Possible Errata Items...

"Lot's wife. (cf. Mt. 12:3, 39-42; Lk. 17:26-29, 32)." (extraneous period) [Kindle version]

"continues in from Part 1" (extraneous "in")

".../mcs_daily_digest.asp[Contains" (missing space before bracket) [Paperback]


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Publication: "Catholics And Ecumenism: Why Do Traditionalists Disapprove Of False Ecumenism? Doesn't This Go Against 'The Council' (Vatican II)?" [ECUM]

Possible Errata Items...

"in [Luther's] his hatred" (extraneous "his")

"is mistaken.It may" (missing space) [Paperback]

"This is largely been accomplished" (s/b "This has...") [Kindle version]

"associate with non Catholics" (missing hyphen) [Kindle version]

"permit people remain" (missing "to") [Kindle version]

"it vitally important to" (missing "is") [Kindle version]

...the life of Luther." (s/b ' instead of ") [Kindle version]


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Publication: "Setting The Record Straight About Luther: Important Things Catholics Should Know About The 'Reformer'" [LTHR]

Possible Errata Items...

"likewise to he broken" (s/b "be")


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Publication: "Coloring Book For Catholics: 50+ Latin Prayers" [LPCB]

Possible Errata Items...



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Publication: Inspirational Coloring Books (Vols. 1-4) [ICB]

Possible Errata Items...

"this book or its, contents, features" (extraneous comma) [Volume 1]


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Publication: "What's Up With Faustina's Divine Mercy Devotion (2)? Another Approach For Getting To The Truth" [DM2]

Possible Errata Items...

"Do you really believe the it was the..." (extraneous "the")

"dreams that left us a somewhat disoriented" (extraneous "a")

"the Blessed Virgin Mary, supposedly giving" (extraneous comma)

"...or take figurative items literally." (missing "]")

"refers to unrepentant sin." (s/b "unrepented")


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